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Sat, Jan 12, 10:07 PM


My personal opinion is that, by giving time for investigation into the earth shape we are giving needless attention to the idea of flat earth, which is an idea based only on the misunderstanding of basic geometry and science.

As a former teacher, I feel for the low ability vulnerable children who might fall into believing flat earth, and suffer ridicule because of it. My hope is to protect these people and to help educate them in the fundamentals of maths and science.

I don’t believe that me taking any flat earth investigation seriously in any way shape or form will help me achieve this, in fact it will do the opposite.

The evidence for the globe is so overwhelming and established that for me to take part in such an investigation would be futile, and give the impression that I have doubt… which I do not.

So I wish you well in your efforts, and I am sure that the results you obtain will ensure that those on the fence revert away from the notion of flat for that I thank you greatly.

I wish you well and hope this is a success for you

Kind regards


Sun, Jan 13, 8:18 PM

to Conspiracy

Dear Conspiracy Catz

Thank you for the quick reply.  That’s a shame, I would have enjoyed the opportunity of working with you on this experiment in generating live empirical scientific data for the whole community to witness and discuss.  If you have the time to watch, the results will be livestreaming on the YouTube channel on the evening of the 2nd February (UK time) and will be up on the website after that for all to access.

Any and all empirical data you do have or can get hold of, please send it, as I am in process of gathering as much objective, scientific evidence as possible to produce a website of knowledge concerning this subject, so people have the appropriate facts and scientific principle available to them, rather than searching for scraps of information on various websites.

All the best and thanks again

Kind regards

Dr John D.

Conspiracy Catz

Sun, Jan 13, 8:21 PM

to me

Thanks John…

I appreciate the reply.

Can I ask what kind of empirical data would satisfy you?

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Jan 13, 2019, 8:44 PM

Thanks CC

I only collect telescope / camera observations, so based on them and keeping in line with the new planned experiment:

any observation concerning light would have to:

1) be a known location

2) the observation would have to have a live video date and time “stamp” – e.g. a mobile phone on an internet site showing the date and time.

3) the position of the observers/participants with a live video date and time stamp

4) appropriate (in terms of elevation relative to the experiment) temperature and humidity readings at intervals with a live video date and time stamp

5) the method in the true scientific manner would have to be presented in a way that is repeatable and reproducible

That would make the experiment / observation, scientific, objective, empirical and quite thorough by anyone’s’ standards.

Any other type of observations etc. is outside my speciality, so you would have to give me some detail and some time to consult and discuss.

I think some form of go to repository of knowledge on the web is needed for this field, which could be gradually expanded and added to.



Status:  awaiting a reply