In this experiment, the atmosphere is a variable that cannot be controlled and whose properties could be fluctuating during the course of the experiment.  The temperature and relative humidity will be measured to a height of 2 metres above tide level at both Worthing Pier and Brighton West Pier to determine any potential effect the atmosphere might be having on the rays of light emitted from the light sources.

To limit the impact possible atmospheric fluctuations might be having on the experiment, the maximum height of the light sources will be 1 metre above tide level and the highest temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure measurement will be 2 metres above tide level.

In this experiment the control variables are the equipment.  The same equipment will be used throughout the experiment.



For the light source to be deemed as to have been observed, the source, the bright, light intense centre of the device, must be recorded for at least 5 seconds.

To prove that it is the relevant light source that is being observed, a flash test will be done, which will be two short flashes, followed by two long flashes, followed by two short flashes.